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Mini Sewage Treatment Plant

Plastic Septic Tank is specially designed to replace the FRP based septic tank. It is light in weight but strong in structure. It is made by one time moulding and without any bonding or welding. ELASTIC BIODIGESTER SEPTIC TANK - No Dripping or Leakage. Inbuilt Digestion system and CKD Condition

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  • Low Maintenance

  • Cost Effective

  • Lead & Metal Free

  • Easy Installation

  • Environment Friendly

  • Algae Resistance

  • Black Color

  • Flexible

  • Light Weight

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Very Cheap Transportation

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  • Excellent Sealing property, no leakage, no odor, no pollution, to ensure function of anaerobic manure.

  • PE is Strong and durable with oxidation resistance and acid-base corrosion resistant. Underground life is more than 50+ years

  • Low cost but high quality, flexible and less land occupation.

  • Very Simple installation, modular production, complete set and very quickly assembled


  • Model : PE Septic Tank

  • Dimensions (mm): 2000*1050

  • Height (mm): 1060

  • Wall Thickness - 6mm

  • Life - 50 Years+

  • Capacities available - 1000L & 1500L

elastic lldpe septic tank
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Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank is just not a normal septic tank. Rather, it is a new generation Mini sewage treatment plant that works better than a normal septic tanks.

In India, Septic Tank is a very commonly used product for storage and disposal of Human Faecal matter at places / sites that lack connection to main sewage pipes which normally are provided by local government bodies. Sadly in our country, the sewerage network is missing and in fact most of our urban clusters lack 100% sewage connections thus leading to higher usage of Septic Tanks which is NOT an Eco Friendly Solution. Since Septic Tanks require large drain-fields to dispose of the sludge (Human Faecal Matter), they are not suitable for densely built cities and in fact pollute the environment.

Periodic preventive maintenance is required to remove solids (faecal matter) that remain and gradually fill the Septic Tank which reduces its efficiency and thus regular pumping out is a must to de-sludge the Septic Tank. If this is not done then the faecal matter (solids) escapes from the Septic Tank and clogs the drainage pipes / surrounding areas thus polluting and creating numerous health hazards. Moreover, the leakage through these tanks pollutes the ground water beyond acceptable limits, which in turn pollutes the food chain leading to health hazards.

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