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Product Description DampTreat is an innovative, environment friendly and easy to use silane/siloxane cream for damp proof course in masonry walls. The cream is specially formulated to use for injection into brickwork and masonry walls and surfaces, to install a durable damp proof course and permanently stop rising damp in masonry walls. The material is to be injected in the affected wall at 150mm (6 inch) above the floor level. Application: Once DAMP TREAT is injected into the mortar bed, this thixotropic cream can stay in close contact with the mortar bed and slowly release silane/siloxane into the capillaries of the mortar bed until the cream is completely absorbed into the mortar bed., The active ingredients also penetrate the bricks or other masonry substrates above and below the mortar bed. It reacts with the mortar bed and the bricks forming a permanent damp-course within the treated wall., One cartridge can cover running length of 5 feet for a 9 inch wall.

Elastic DampTreat DIY Damp Course Cream for Stopping Rising Dampness, DPC Layer

SKU: DT101
₹1,800.00 Regular Price
₹1,640.00Sale Price
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