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ELASTIC Bio-Digester Septic tank is just not a normal septic tank. Rather, it is a new generation Mini Sewage Treatment Plant that works better than a normal septic tank.



  • Excellent Sealing property, no leakage, no odor, no pollution, to ensure function of anaerobic manure.

  • PE is Strong and durable with oxidation resistance and acid-base corrosion resistant. Underground life is more than 50+ years

  • Low cost but high quality, flexible and less land occupation.

  • Very Simple installation, modular production, complete set and very quickly assembled


SKU: 1500
₹34,000.00 Regular Price
₹30,260.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
    • Low Maintenance

    • Cost Effective

    • Lead & Metal Free

    • Easy Installation

    • Environment Friendly

    • Algae Resistance

    • Black Color

    • Flexible

    • Light Weight

    • Chemical Resistant

    • Corrosion Resistant

    • Very Cheap Transportation

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