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ELASTIC Bio Digester Septic Tank - A Mini Sewage Treatment Plant for your Household

Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank is just not a normal septic tank. Rather, it is a new generation Mini sewage treatment plant that works better than a normal septic tanks.

In India, Septic Tank is a very commonly used product for storage and disposal of Human Faecal matter at places / sites that lack connection to main sewage pipes which normally are provided by local government bodies.

Sadly in our country, the sewerage network is missing and in fact most of our urban clusters lack 100% sewage connections thus leading to higher usage of Septic Tanks which is NOT an Eco Friendly Solution. Since Septic Tanks require large drain-fields to dispose of the sludge (Human Faecal Matter), they are not suitable for densely built cities and in fact pollute the environment.

Periodic preventive maintenance is required to remove solids (faecal matter) that remain and gradually fill the Septic Tank which reduces its efficiency and thus regular pumping out is a must to desludge a Septic Tank. If this is not done then the faecal matter (solids) escapes from the Septic Tank and clogs the drainage pipes / surrounding areas thus polluting and creating numerous health hazards. Moreover, the leakage through these tanks pollutes the groundwater beyond acceptable limits, which in turn pollutes the food chain leading to health hazards.

Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank on the other hand, works on the bio-digester technology, which degrades and converts human waste into usable water and gases. This ongoing treatment is achieved by introducing bacteria into the tank that is built for collection of waste. The bacteria decompose the faecal matter anaerobically. The resulting water is treated well enough to be used for irrigation. Further treatment of this water can enable its reuse for flushing, washing vehicles, etc. The resulting gas is minimal and is vented out.


Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank is much better than conventional STP in the long run. Following differences easily depict this proposition.

  • Sewage treatment plants require electricity to run the air pump, however Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank runs power-free.

  • Elastic Bio-digester Septic Tank doesn’t require servicing, whereas sewage treatment plants requires servicing and emptying.

  • STP needs waste area and also emits foul smell, which can be uncomfortable if the STP is located at the site.


ELASTIC Bio-Digester Septic Tank is the one and only one of its kind of Bio-digester that comes in CKD Condition and can be assembled at the site very easily. This nature ensures huge savings in the form of logistics, handling, storage and installation costs. It is based on a modular concept and can be easily integrated with increase/decrease in demand with the modular addition or deletion of units.


The Bio-digester design of the ELASTIC Septic tank will be a game changer in the sanitation sector in the near future. The tank treats wastewater by giving time for sedimentation, letting the sludge (solid waste) from the sewage to settle at the bottom and liquid waste in the closed chambers inside the tank. There are three compartments within the tank, each compartment has a different size and gives time for sludge to sit at the bottom of the tank. The installation of the tank is done by digging a pit, making a study base for the tank and just making pipe connections, one from the toilet outlet to the tank’s inlet and the other one from the tank’s outlet to the soak pit. The tank takes about 35 days to bio-digest the waste and pass on to the soak pit once the job is done. Anaerobic bacteria or inoculum bacteria can also be added to the tank such that it acts as a catalyst and makes the process of bio- digestion quicker.

The tank comes with two partition walls, filter pipes connected to the partitions, a viewing port for each chamber on the top of the tank - it is designed in a way that the user can check the levels inside the tank from time to time to plan for sedimented sludge to be cleaned periodically. The tank also has an exhaustion port which is releases biogas as a byproduct which can also be used for multiple applications of power generation. The tanks are high in quality and are very economically priced in bid to reach sections of the society which lack proper sewage disposal systems and sewer lines and are in dire need of alternatives for the same. The modular tanks are ready made in nature and can be procured in either assembled or unassembled forms in order to save on exorbitant transportation charges. The completely leakproof design and the additional advantages ask for users to make the switch to bio-digester tanks as they are a modern, economic, safe and convenient replacement for the conventional septic tank.

The conventional septic tanks made of RCC or FRP just act as storage tanks for wastewater where as the ELASTIC Bio-digester Septic tank is responsible for converting that waste to biogas and water which can be further used for agriculture and gardening purposes. The tank is low on maintenance and installation costs.


Septic storage tanks and open wells are located in closed vicinity and leakages due to the cement made tanks lead to contamination of ground water which makes the consumers of the water prone to diseases. The ELASTIC Bio-digester septic tank eliminates these problems and offers a lifetime maintenance-free option for sewage treatment.

  • Lead and metal free

  • Algae and chemical resistant

  • LightWeight

  • Easy assembly and installation

More than 90% of India does not have a proper waste disposal system and almost 70% of Urban India’s Sewage is untreated. The untreated dumping of sewage into water bodies has polluted three-fourth of the nation’s surface water resources. The Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission launched by the National Democratic Alliance government has an aim of making India open- defecation-free and along with the construction of household toilets, there is a need of proper disposal of sewage that make a difference in the lives of people who are battling these problems.

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Arts Design India
Arts Design India
Sep 29, 2020

Wonderful product.. A researched concept, highly useful for meeting sanitation goals of developing India

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